Intro screenshot from "Inflation Busters" video game on Bank of Canada website. Screenshot credit: Bank Of Canada website

Bored At Work? Video Game Hidden In Bank Of Canada Website

Published On March 12, 2018 | By Tony Frangis | Mornings
Intro screenshot from “Inflation Busters” video game on Bank of Canada website. Credit: Bank Of Canada 

The Bank Of Canada recently unveiled the new $10 bill featuring the image of Canadian civil rights activist Viola Desmond. The bill’s page on the Bank Of Canada website features a picture of the bill that you can spin to see both sides of it. As you scroll down the page, it goes on to explain the different features of the bill and why they were chosen. What they don’t tell you is that if you click the “spin” button 20 times, a video game appears!

“Inflation Busters” is pretty much a copy of the old “Space Invaders” arcade game, but it’s a decent way to pass some time if you’re sitting in front of a computer at work.

Click here to visit the page. 

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