Pile of credit cards with pen and receipt. Photo credit © Can Stock Photo / nan104

People Are Joining The “Tip The Bill” Challenge

Published On August 23, 2018 | By Tony Frangis | Mornings
Photo credit © Can Stock Photo / nan104


Online challenges can do some good for the world sometimes. Remember the ‘ice bucket challenge’ in support of ALS research?

Online challenges can also show us how stupid humanity can be sometimes (see the Tide Pod Challenge).

This new trend is something that’s more at the good end of the spectrum. The ‘Tip The Bill Challenge’ is simple: Leave a 100% tip. Whatever the bill adds up to, tip that.

More and more servers are reaping the benefits of this new online challenge and I imagine they’re thrilled with it:

As you can see, some are doing it with the bill from a cup of coffee, while others are slamming an extra $100 on a nice evening dining out.

If you feel like taking part in this (or have been at the receiving end of a 100% tip), use the hashtag #tipthebillchallenge on whatever social media you choose and share the good news.

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