“Challenge A Celebrity 31 Years Older Than You To A Fight!”

By: Mike Harford


Mike Harford

So as it turns out Justin Bieber was joking when he challenged Tom Cruise to a fight . . .

The Biebs said, “He’d (Tom Cruise) probably whoop my a** in a fight . . . I’m really skinny right now.  I think he’d probably be out of my weight class . . . He’s got that dad strength.”

Well his tweet has spurned a new internet challenge called……

“Challenge a celebrity 31 years older than you to a fight!”

To find out who YOU can challenge, just subtract 31 from your birth year, then do a Google search for celebrities born that year.  

Heres my list….

Mick Jagger, 75

Robert De Niro, 75

Christopher Walken, 76

George Harrison (1943-2001) dead

Jim Morrison (1943-1971) dead

Janis Joplin (1943-1970) dead

John Denver (1943-1997) dead… I think I could take him if he was alive…..

…he looks like he would turtle!


Who is your celebrity fight challenge? 

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