Tony Frangis

10 Things You Need To Know About Tony

  1. ONE THING YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME: I’m so out of shape that I once successfully sprained my ankle while trying to get out of bed
  2. FAVOURITE CONCERT… EVER: Gordon Lightfoot in Stratford (front row!)
  4. MY FIRST JOB WAS: Bingo Runner
  5. MY FAVOURITE FOOD IS: Boneless Wings
  6. BIGGEST PET PEEVE: When someone hands you a chocolate chip cookie, then you bite into it and it’s actually oatmeal raisin
  8. MY PERFECT DAY STARTS WITH: A.J. & Sue (only if they’re reading this), otherwise it’s coffee.
  9. IF I COULD HAVE ONE SUPERPOWER IT WOULD BE: Teleportation (instant vacations!)
  10. IF I WERE STRANDED ON A DESERTED ISLAND, I WOULD WANT THESE THREE THINGS TO SURVIVE:  A shipping container full of cooked boneless wings, a Brita pitcher, and a detailed book on how to escape from a deserted island.


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