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10 Things You Need To Know About Sue

  1. IF I WASN’T WORKING AT CHOK I’D BE.... I’d be a goat farmer, or maybe chickens, or maybe I would just sit on a beach.
  2. THE SONG THAT BEST DESCRIBES ME IS… I’m not sure there is a song at this moment that can pin me down
  3. FAVOURITE TV SHOW…   BlueBloods (Tom Selleck fan) and NCIS, although it won’t be the same without Denozo
  4. MY FAVOURITE FOOD IS… this week … anything done on the BBQ
  5. PETS … Fat Rusty.  My yellow lab that acts more like a person than dog. And yes he goes most places with me, the cottage, the beach, the barn, everywhere that doesnt involve him walking!
  6. FAVOURITE PLACE TO BE THAT IS NOT HOME … sitting on the beach at our family cottage. I should share some pics of the view~it’s amazing
  7. MY LIST OF PLACES  STILL TO SEE …  (1) New Zealand  (2) Russia  (3) Greece
  8. MY FIRST JOB  … excluding the babysitting sub-contracting business I had… working in a pizza/sub joint called Marco’s.
  9. IF I WON A BILLION DOLLARS IN THE LOTTERY… I would travel to the places on my “still to see” list then likely give the rest away. I would throw a huge beach party for the community and maybe if there was some left over, buy an island for me.
  10. IN MY SPARE TIME (during the summer) I LIKE TO….. read sitting by the pool or on the beach ….. take a boat ride on beautiful Lake Huron and spend time coming up with new recipes for the BBQ

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