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MIKE: I’m a Cancer who likes long walks on the beach, butterfly’s and talking about my hopes and dreams until the sun comes up….ummm….oh wait… wrong bio!

I grew up in London, but now call Sarnia home. I spent close to 20 years traveling the planet as a sound guy with my pooch Gypsy. Now I’m in radio and getting up when I used to go to bed! I like to camp, fish, quad and rock out with my guitar…but the only concerts I put on are for my fur baby!

I’m a firm believer that Pizza is life and Star Wars are the greatest movies ever made! For most of the year, you can find me wearing Crocs. They are super comfy and the preferred beach footwear of Batman. Also, I don’t care that it looks like I mugged a circus clown. ABBA is the source of all my power and I like to keep a collection of liquefied cucumbers in my fridge!


Nov 16 2018 It is estimated that 0.7% of the world’s population is ….what at any given time?Drunk!
Nov 15 2018When this product first hit stores, Sears refused to carry it because it was “too sexy.”Barbie doll
Nov 14 2018Every four seconds, someone opens a can of what?A can of Spam!
Nov 13 20180% of adults say while they have visited one of these, they didn’t participate. Where were they ?

Visit a nude beach
Nov 8 2018The average person will drink just two of these a year?
Bottles of wine
Nov 7 2018Out of the last 15 seasons of the CHL Canada/Russia Series how many has Canada won?
Nov 6 201831% of us say we wish we had the “guts” to get rid of what?Our TV
Nov 5 2018Some elephants have lived to 70, and some killer whales can live to 90. What mammal has the longest lifespan overall?
Humans! 120 years in a few rare instances!
Nov 2 201878% of men and 44% of women admit to doing this while watching sports on TV.
Yell at the TV
Nov 1 2018The average person will lose 40 pounds of this in their life?
Shedding skin
Tuesday, Oct. 30What was the name the film crew gave to the shark in the movie Jaws?


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