Couple Goes to Extreme Lengths to Find Missing Pup

Published On March 13, 2017 | By Captain Awesome | Uncategorized

A California couple has postponed their wedding to dedicate all their time, energy, and money to finding a missing family member: their dog. “The only thing I can think about right now is finding Theo,” Trendee King tells CBS San Francisco. The 1-year-old Brussels griffon escaped from a dog-sitter Feb. 13 in San Jose while King was in Los Angeles buying a wedding dress. She immediately flew home, and the search was on. King and fiance James Galley have put up 800 laminated posters, hired a pet detective, offered a $3,500 reward, run newspaper ads, and spent every day since Theo ran away looking for him, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

But that’s not all. The couple, who describe the hunt for Theo as a “full-time job,” used a bloodhound to track their missing pup and even dug up the remains of a dog buried by the side of the road in order to have a vet identity them, Fox News reports. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, King, a Hollywood makeup artist, and Galley, an executive at Netflix, have spent thousands of dollars looking for Theo. King says it’s “torture” not knowing where her beloved dog is and they will search “to the ends of the Earth” to find Theo, who has his own Instagram page. “I won’t give up until he’s home,” she tells the Mercury News.

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