Woman texts Sarah Michelle Gellar by mistake & gets the best response

Published On January 17, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz | Uncategorized

A WOMAN was so excited to tell her sister the news of her engagement that she hurriedly sent her a text, only to realise she had got the wrong number and messaged Sarah Michelle Gellar instead.

The Georgia-resident unwittingly sent her happy announcement along with a selfie proudly displaying her ring to the Buffy actress.

But rather than simply replying with a short “sorry wrong number”, Sarah decided to take more epic action.

The actress uploaded the picture to her Facebook account and asked fans to join her in congratulating the bride-to-be.

She wrote: “This is #CharlynWillis. She got engaged yesterday, and meant to text her sister, but in all the excitement, got me instead.

“Please help me say congrats to Charlyn. (And her fiancé whose name I don’t know).”

“Thank you Sarah…You’ve truly made my engagement experience even more of a life changer! Please know when we set a date, I’ll be reaching out to invite you, Freddie, and the kids!”



Photo: You Tube

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