Maren Morris On Becoming A New Parent

By: Dave Palmer


Country Music News

Maren Morris  has her third Number One hit with “The Bones.” And is due sometime next month.

She’s set to perform her last show before the due date on March 7th at the Houston Rodeo.

The baby is Maren and her husband, Ryan Hurd‘s, first, and she tells us she’s looking forward to the life changes to come.[“I think what I’m looking forward to most about being a mother is kind of getting to know a different side of myself. I think that it’s been just me for so long, and then my relationship with my husband, and I think that this is like a really selfless challenge to get to know another side of yourself, and it’s sort of like a reflection of you, literally, and how you deal with things. So I think it’s going to be an amazing challenge, raising a human.”]

Maren returns to touring in May.

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