John Rich & Cowboy Troy Talk Racism

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

Cowboy Troy opened up about the time someone threatened to kill him if he performed at a show in Kennesaw, Georgia.

He revealed it in an upcoming episode of “The Pursuit! With John Rich”.

An anonymous person called in with the threat, and there was talk of cancelling the show. But Troy wanted to do it. So they beefed-up security and dropped all the before and after stuff including the meet-and-greet.

In the interview Troy didn’t want to reveal who made the threat, so John took it from there.

“You don’t want to say it, but I’ll say it. It wound up being the KKK. You run into the most vicious, disgusting group of human beings that exist. But you went and did [the] anyway because you’re like ‘this is my American dream and you ain’t getting in the way of it with your racist B.S. so I’m gonna take the stage and you’re going to have to deal with it.’ Man, my respect level went through the roof for you when I watched you take that on.”

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