Sarnia Lambton Business Showcase Conditions Of Contract

  1. The Exhibitor has the right to cancel the agreement prior to Sept 30th, however they will forfeit the 20% deposit. Should the exhibitor cancel the contract after October 1st, they will be liable for the total amount of the payment.
  2. All cancellations must be confirmed to Blackburn Radio Inc. in writing and the effective date will be the date the notification is received.
  3. Blackburn Radio Inc. and VENUE are not liable for any damage or injury to the exhibitor, agents, employees or the property of the Exhibitor occurring in the building or grounds.
  4. The Exhibitor agrees to use the space provided only for the display of the products or services specified in this agreement and agrees not to sublet the space unless written authorization is provided by Blackburn Radio Inc.
  5. Blackburn Radio Inc. reserves the right to reject, prohibit exhibits or relocate exhibits when in it’s opinion such moves are necessary to maintain the character and /or good order of the show. No monies will be returned to the exhibitors under these conditions.
  6. The Exhibitor’s property will be placed on display and exhibited at their own risk and Blackburn Radio Inc. will assume no responsibility for stolen, broken or damage to their property in or around the venue.
  7. The Exhibitor agrees that no display will be dismantled, abandoned or goods removed prior to 8pm, DATE TBD in 2021!
  8. Exhibitor setup times/dates TBD. Tear down will begin after the event concludes (after 8pm). The Exhibitor agrees to adhere to the setup/tear down times as outlined above.
  9. The Exhibitor also agrees to remove all items from the venue by the final move out time. A failure to do so could result in additional costs paid by the Exhibitor.
  10. The Exhibitor may not apply tape, paint, chalk, tacks, lacquer or any other adhesives to venue walls, columns or floor.
  11. The Exhibitor is liable for any damage they have caused to the venue, including floors, doors, walls, columns, tables, linen and parking lot.
  12. The Exhibitor agrees to maintain qualified personnel in the display at all times during the show hours.

Blackburn Radio Inc. will bring participants to the show; it’s your responsibility to create a stunning visual of your products and services and to interact with potential clients.

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