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MIKE: I’m a Cancer who likes long walks on the beach, butterfly’s and talking about my hopes and dreams until the sun comes up….ummm….oh wait… wrong bio!

I grew up in London, but now call Sarnia home. I spent close to 20 years traveling the planet as a sound guy with my pooch Gypsy. Now I’m in radio and getting up when I used to go to bed! I like to camp, fish, quad and rock out with my guitar…but the only concerts I put on are for my fur baby!

I’m a firm believer that Pizza is life and Star Wars are the greatest movies ever made! For most of the year, you can find me wearing Crocs. They are super comfy and the preferred beach footwear of Batman. Also, I don’t care that it looks like I mugged a circus clown. ABBA is the source of all my power and I like to keep a collection of liquefied cucumbers in my fridge!


Feb 3 2020The average person uses 94 of these a year. rolls of toilet paper
Jan 17 2020The average one of these travels at about 3 miles per hour.
Jan 14 2020In your life you will go through 20 gallons of this.
Jan 13 2020In the last 500,000 years the earth has seen 74 billion what?
Human births
jan 9 2020Just over three percent of us have never had one of these, and never will. A middle name
Jan 06 2020You’ll eat about 37 pounds of these this year. eggs
Nov 28 2019Each year around 2,000 people go to emergency rooms (in the U.S.) with injuries related to what?
Nov 27 2019 In Ireland the annual consumption of this food is over 15 pounds per person — the most of any nation. Cereal
Nov 26 2019in 1927 this chain of stores was called Tote’m ...what is it called now? . 7-Eleven
Nov 25 2019In a survey, men chose the 20 skills all guys should possess. #1 is fix a toilet. What’s #2? Navigate a map. #3 was do laundry properly.
Nov 20 2019There are about 16 million of these around the world each year. Thunderstorms
Nov 19 2019The average one of these weighs 20 tons.Iceberg
Nov 18 2019Worldwide, one million of these will die today.Light bulbs
nov 11 2019The United States Department of Agriculture reports that the average American eats 8½ pounds of what a year? Pickles
oct 24 2019Sixty percent of women want a man who will do what? (Kiss in public)
Kiss in public
oct 23 2019The average person has one of these on them that hasn’t been used in the last 9 months.
A key on a keyring
oct 22 2019 the average person will suffer through about 200 of these in your lifetime.
oct 21 2019Two dozen people in the U.S. are killed each year by what?
oct 18 2019You will spend 6 months of your life doing thisSitting at red lights
oct 17 2019this food was created by French monks in 610 AD to resemble a little child’s arms in prayer. ….Name the food. The pretzel
oct 16 2019The average person owns nine of what?
oct 15 20196 in 10 people keep one of these in their car.
oct 8 20192.4 billion cans of this are sold annually.
Tuna fish
oct 7 2019TRIVIA: Half of us haven’t changed this in three or more years. Voicemail message
oct 2 2019 Each year (in the U.S.) there are about 15,000 accidents involving what?
Vacuum cleaners
oct 1 2019One in ten men and three in ten women say they have trouble operating one of these.
TV remote

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