How Good  Are YOU At “Adulting”? Take The Quiz

A recent BuzzFeed poll listed a bunch of things you SHOULD know how to do as an adult, and asked readers whether or not they can do them. Let’s see if you’re better at ‘adulting’ than most people are give yourself 1 point for each one you get and then post your total on the CHOK Facebook page!

  1. Can you swallow a pill fairly easily? 1 point 
  1. Can you neatly wrap a gift? 1 point 
  1. Do you know how to write a check? 1 point 
  1. Could you sew a button back on? 1 point
  1. Can you fold a fitted sheet? 1 point 
  1. Do you regularly have the oil in your car changed? 1 point 
  1. Can you kill a spider without screaming? 1 point 
  1. Do you always put your laundry away right after it’s dry? 1 point 
  1. Do you make your bed every morning? 1 point 
  1. Can you change a flat tire? 1 point 

How good  are YOU at “adulting”? Post your score on Facebook @chokradio for a chance to win Jays tickets!

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