3 Tips For Surviving Hosting Your First Thanksgiving!

By: Mike Harford


Mornings with Dave & Cheryl

If this is your first year hosting thanksgiving for your family I have a few tips for you that might help you survive it.

tip 1 

Measure your oven to make sure the roasting pan and turkey will fit.

I had an apartment sized stove and the roasting pan for the turkey I had only fits in the oven if i mangle it a little….. So I used some duct tape to keep the door closed long enough to cook the bird! 

tip 2 

Buy extra desserts

 I picked up a pecan pie a few days before dinner and every time I walked buy it I could hear it calling to me…. eat me , eat me ….and since I have no willpower I dug in and had to make an extra trip to the store to buy a new pie. 

tip 3 :

 Lastly buy extra wine and budget for emergencies

If all fails and the turkey does not work out make sure you have the number of a pizza place handy and keep the wine flowing until the delivery guy shows up…..

Happy thanksgiving!

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